Phosphorescent Sequin Disco Flares - Red Velvet

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*Ensure you read Construction Details below. These flares are different to our others*

These sequin velvet flares are ready to see you move and groove, it's what you do with your dancin' shoes!
With nods to Studio 54 and bringing on some serious Disco vibes, what more could you need than a blend of velvet and sequins to light up your night.

Each pair of flares from the Phosphorescent collection are different, but the common theme is soft velvet and a heaps of sequins that trace the base of the flares. They're available in Burgundy, Black, Orange, Forrest Green, Blue and Red.

This pair is Red Velvet with silver embroidery and silver sequins tracing the bottom of the flares, feathering upwards and placed throughout the fabric. 

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Construction Details: Please note, these flares have the same shape as our classic flares, but they don't contain as much stretch. Due to this, there is an invisible zipper at the back of the flares with the remainder being elastic. They fit more like a pair of jeans/cords/tailored pants. These aren't hemmed as we didn't want to ruin the trim, they have a 33 inch inner-seam (1" longer than our other flares). If unsure of sizing, we recommend you go a size up. 

These flares are soo limited edition we can't stress it enough! 
We are only making a super limited amount of these babies, once they're sold out that's the end of them.