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Chatting with Zandra Rhodes in London!

They say never to meet your idols... how wrong they were! Zandra Rhodes is a dream of a lady, full of laughter and buoyancy, covered from head to toe in colours and patterns!

🌼🌼 We’ve added so many new flares to our Lucky Last section on our website as well as our Sale!! 🌼🌼

The Lucky Last section features all the flares that are running super low in stock and will most likely be sold out soon. A lot...

🌼 We're heading to London Fashion Week & we made you a new playlist to get you grooving, inspired by Londontown of course! 🌼

The collection we will be releasing has been the hardest secret for us to keep! Featuring a textile designed by one of our main inspirations from the 1960's & 70's .... we're getting so excited!!