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Barbara Hulanicki & Stephen Fitz-Simon - The Power Couple Behind Biba!

Barbara Hulanicki & Fitz: "On the boat as the ship sailed away to USA, she watched Fitz on the docks getting smaller and smaller. ‘I nearly jumped overboard to swim back to shore..."
Today on the Biba Blog Series, the power couple behind Biba!

Biba Shop Girls: Our Interview with Jane Winkworth

Our first Biba Shop Girl to be interviewed for our Biba Blog Series is Jane Winkworth!  She worked at Biba in London in the 60's and has dropped by our Blog to share some wonderful stories from the time she was working there!

Let's dive in...!

Biba Blog Series Part 1: 1963 & 1964, the Beginning.

Today, we’re launching from the very beginning… so for all of those who are yet to know about Biba, welcome! For those that are already Biba fans, hey there! And for the lucky ones out there who own a piece of Biba clothing, what an absolute dream!!