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  • Tuscan Dreams - a reverie of simple pleasures

    A Tuscan reverie of simple pleasures; panoramic countryside dusted with sunflowers & villa’s, kissed by the warming sun.

    Flare Street’s exclusive prints are bold, hand drawn illustrations, reminiscent of Art Deco in the 1960’s. The flares are exclusively designed pieces of artwork for Flare Street, made in Melbourne, created from quality Velvet that is sustainably printed in Australia.

    Jet set to the Tuscan countryside and indulge in La Dolce Vita, with ‘Tuscan Dreams’ by Flare Street.

    Shop the new flares here!! 

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  • Dazey LA x Flare Street Collab Flares!

    A chance meeting at a coffee shop on Sunset Boulevard, LA, was how these beautiful flares started their life! Nik, our Flare Street designer, bumped into Dani from Dazey LA sipping on a morning coffee and after chatting about their brands and slow fashion ethos, the idea of a collaboration came to light. 
    Dani draws beautiful designs and had spent years as a graphic designer, but was looking at creating a textile for her brand and Nik LOVES nothing more than turning artwork into flares! Within a few hours, Dani was back at Nik's Air Bnb, trying on flares, getting into the groove of velvet and snapping pics... By the end of it, it was decided, Dani would create the retro print and Nik would create the flares - on velvet of course!

    The flares are available now for pre-order in a retro Orange & Green as well as a Brown and Pink colourway. We've made these in our original flare design as well as the new wide-leg flares, both in velvet and both super comfy!
    We're currently printing the fabric with our Australian based sustainable printers, so they will be ready for you to groove around in super soon!

    You can shop them on our site here!

    And check out Dazey LA's store here!

    Spread the flare-love xx

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  • You can now review our flares & read what other's have to say!

    Read all about how other's found the fit, feel and fabric of our flares! If you have a pair of our flares, we would LOVE for you to help out other flare-lovers. We know sometime's it's hard to choose your flares, or know if a certain size will fit you so we're calling on all our past customer's to help spread the love.

    All you need to do is click on a pair of flares you've bought in the past, scroll on down and add a few words of wisdom in the 'Review' section.

    Here are a few of our best sellers to get you started. Click here to review:

    Black Velvet Flares

    Burgundy Flares

    Cosmic Velvet Flares

    We can't wait to see what you babes have to say! 

    Spread the flare-love xx

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  • NEW IN - Wide Leg Flares in your favourite velvet colours!

    Just when you thought it couldn't get more comfortable than our flares... it's time for wide leg velvet flares! 

    Wide Leg velvet bell bottoms flare pants

    For years we've been asked to make a wide leg version of our flares, and we're happy to finally say here they are! 

    It took us a long time to perfect these pants, as we wanted to make wide leg flares that flatter your body, flare at the knee but were loose and comfortable pants to groove around in! Made as an alternative to our wildly popular, Burgundy Velvet and Black Velvet Flares.

    Wide Leg Flare Bell Bottoms Pants velvet

    Researching our favourite 1960's brands, we noticed a lot of them were influenced by 1920's style - our wide leg flares are a throwback to these era's, encompassing a higher waist, thick waist band and a delicately placed curved flare to elongate those legs!

    Wide Leg Flare Bell Bottoms Pants velvet

    Notice from the images, how the waist falls without clinging to your hips, silhouettes the hip bone and thigh and then curves delicately at the knee to give that wide leg flare look!
    They're made from a plain, non-crushed, deep burgundy, plum wine velvet, are super comfy and contain a lot of stretch and amazing flow of the flare. They are soft to wear and perfectly flared for any season!

    These flares have a wide elastic waist band, and sit slightly higher than our original flares.

    Wide Leg Flare Bell Bottoms Pants velvet

    Wide Leg Flare Bell Bottoms Pants velvet


    See below our inspo images from Biba Boutique as well as the original wide leg flares from the NYFW runway!

    wide leg patchwork flares

    Biba boutique flares

    Captured by @conner_sorensen in our cabin tucked away in the Idyllwild Forrest. Styled and modelled by @_bambi_baby_ & @andyishh 

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  • Polaroid Tips from the Idyllwild forrest, capturing the Phosphorescence shoot!

    Has anyone else used their vintage Polaroid camera, only to find the pics come out a bit blue... or red? 
    Read our tips below on how to navigate these 1970's cameras to get the colours just right!
    Nestled in the cold hills of Idyllwild, we captured these Studio 54 inspired pics using our vintage Polaroid camera from the 1970's. Who else has one?

     Bell Bottoms Flares Sequins California Flare Street

    Andy and Em, our flare-babes, grooved around our in new sequin flares - the soft velvet is covered with embroidery and sequins, trimming the base of the flare and flowing up the legs! 

    Bell Bottoms Flares Sequins California Flare Street


    We've played around with new versions of Polaroids over the years, but we were over the moon when we picked up a vintage Polaroid camera! The feel of the image and way it captures the essence of a shoot is remarkable, and thankfully, the guys at Polaroid Originals have managed to re-create the old film paper that went out of production. Meaning, we can once again fire up our camera and shoot they way it used to shoot back in the 70's!!

    Bell Bottoms Flares Sequins California Flare Street

    One tiny little problem with the film though, is that the temperature REALLY affects its development... when we captured the shoot in Joshua Tree the heat of the desert made the film have a red tinge... and in the hills of Idyllwild, where it was very, very chilly (it snows up there) the images came out blue...
    A great example is the above photo, this was before we figured out some tricks to fix this!

     Bell Bottoms Flares Sequins California Flare Street

    So naturally, using the only tools out our disposal (Google and our kitchen), we snapped the pictures in the desert where is boiling hot, and to bring the temperature down we placed the shot in the fridge to develop... this seemed to work like magic!!

    Bell Bottoms Flares Sequins California Flare Street

    In the freezing cold hills, we did the opposite... snapped the pics and ran to the stove top. We stood there, with the 60's electric stove in our cabin, warming up our images until they were nice and developed, with not a blue tinge in sight! 


    Somehow, it makes these images even more special to us! You can't recreate that with a filter :)

    Flares Bell Bottoms California Melbourne Sequins Flare Street

    For more tips on developing your vintage Polaroid film, head to the Polaroid Original site here!

    To shop these limited edition flares head here!

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  • Get ready to Disco! A lookback at the stylish babes of the Studio 54 dance floor...

    Dive down the rabbit hole of the Studio 54 dance floor! In this post of 'Babe's Who Inspire Us' we're going deep into the epic style of the luscious groovers who graced this notorious dance floor... from Cher, to Olivia at the Grease premier, we've pick our favourite looks (and let us say, it was very hard to choose!).

    Studio 54 Flare Street Jerry Hall
    Image of Jerry Hall 

    Studio 54 Flare Street  Diana Ross
    Image of Diana Ross

    Studio 54 Flare Street Cher Sparkle Dress
    Cher is her show stopping outfit!

    Studio 54 Moon

    Studio 54 Flare Street Cher

    Studio 54 Flare Street  Andy Warhol Jerry Hall
    Andy Warhol, Jerry Hall and Blondie. 

    Studio 54 Flare Street Jerry Hall See through pants
    Jerry Hall, what a look!

    Studio 54 Flare Street Diane Von Furstenberg
    Diane Von Furstenberg

    Studio 54 Flare Street Moon
    The Studio 54 Moon which is now hanging at Vintage Garage in Melbourne!

    Studio 54 Flare Street Grease Premier
    The Grease Premier Afterparty

    Studio 54 Flare Street

    We've been playing the Studio 54 Radio at our studio, it features the original DJ's as well as guests from the Disco days. You can stream it online here: www.siriusxm.com/studio54radio

    Check out the Phosphorescence Collection here
    It was heavily inspired by these disco outfits - sequins, trims and outrageous style! 

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